These activities can be adapted as required.

A 'step by step' guide is included for each activity which lists the resources which are needed and gives detailed instructions for completing the activity. Extension sheets are also included for some of the activities which can be completed back at school or at home.

Bug Hotels:


Create a bug hotel from a range of natural and recyclable materials.   

Click here for step by step guide.     

Seed in a Jar:


Plant a bean seed and take it back to school to see how it grows. 
Use this activity to discuss different planting methods and the importance of growing food.

Click here for step by step guide.       

Nature Hunt:

Which pollinator might live here?
Signs can be put around the garden at different places and children will need to complete their answer sheet for each of the sites.

Click here for further information and documents which can be used for a nature hunt.

Hexagon & Circle Shape Game:

This activity can be done both indoors or outdoors.

Encourage the children to talk about how the shapes are different and what they notice about how they fit together. 
What is the maximum number they can fit for each shape?
They can start again and try a different arrangement of shapes or try mixing circles and hexagons together.
Why do bees build hexagons?

Click here for step by step guide.  Click here for extension activities.