30 June 2020 

PoshBee scientists, who are backed by the BBKA, have issued their second newsletter which shows some of the technical innovations they have made in order to study the effects of chemicals on honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees. 

The first is a clear plastic box they can place over bumblebee nests to ensure safe handling of the bees and to allow photographs to be taken of what is happening in the bumblebee nest.

The second innovation is a trap fitted onto the entrance of a honeybee hive to catch dead bees when they are dragged out by the workers which will allow more accurate counting of deaths. 

The third is etching serial numbers lasered onto every frame they put in a honeybee hive which allows easy identification both in the field and lab. 

You can find out more about these inventions and how they are being used.