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Archive Film Footage - Memory Stick


Perfect to show at the end of a meeting or during those long winter evenings! Read more

BBKA Guide to Beekeeping – 2nd edition


The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping introduces the reader to beekeeping, including topics on the workings of the colony, the structure of a hive, how to acquire bees and keep them healthy and what happens in each month in a beekeeping year. Read more

BBKA Medal


The perfect keepsake or to reward a Beekeeping achievement. Ideal to present to long serving member of your branch. There is space on the reverse for an inscription. Read more

BBKA News – In the Apiary


This special edition takes you through a year in the apiary with ideas, tips and recommendations. This publication came about by popular demand for something suitable for new beekeepers. Read more

BBKA News - Queen Rearing (new for April 2019)


As beekeepers, we are equally interested and fascinated by the process of queen-rearing and many of us hold strong views when it comes to queen-raising, queen origins, bee races and colony traits. The reality, however, is that most beekeepers in the country depend heavily on queens produced by somebody else, or indeed on queens imported from over seas. Read more

Swarms - DVD


Swarms and Swarm Prevention Techniques This DVD covers the main reasons for bees initiating the swarming process and easy ways of manipulating hives to reduce or control the natural swarming tendencies of managed bees. Read more