Scottie took over the mantle of  after the passing of another beekeeping stalwart, Barbara Roderick.

The three-day annual event was the culmination of a year’s hard slog for Scottie in making sure that every little detail was covered – which, of course,  they always were!

She relished meeting members of the general public explaining the nuances of beekeeping finishing by thrusting a membership form in their hands with a cheerful “see you soon” parting phrase.

Although the show itself was hard work it never failed to conjure up some amusing moments too.  

On one such occasion an elderly gentleman and his daughter rocked up making enquiries about beekeeping and the suitability of keeping a number bee hives in their back garden. “Absolutely perfect!” Scottie replied, adding “though you need to make sure they won’t be troublesome for your neighbours”.

“How many hives were you thinking about”? she enquired.  

After a moment in deliberation with his daughter, “I reckon we could fit in at least 200” was his reply.

“200!!!.......................... Where do you live, in a castle?” Scottie asked.

It was only then did we realise that they had been sizing up a 12-inch-tall replica WBC hive that Scottie used as a money collection box! Somehow, we managed to contain our hysteria until they had left the marquee!

Every time I will see that money box, she will be fondly remembered by me.

RIP Scottie. (Sue Scott )