Asian Hornet Week: 4th - 10th September 2023

This year Asian Hornet week took on a new urgency. There had already been multiple nest sightings predominantly in Kent, but also in Hampshire and Devon. 

BBKA Press Release for Asian Hornet Week.

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Why is Asian Hornet Week being held?

We aim to raise awareness of the Asian hornet through a series of activities planned for the week. This hornet could decimate our pollinators including our honeybees so it is important to have everyone actively looking for it.

We are encouraging members of the public to download an updated version of the free 'Asian Hornet Watch' app on their phones. The app has been designed by the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.  Asian Hornets are often confused with similar species and the app has an expanded gallery of pictures to help with identification.  Potential sightings can also be reported via the app.


The app is available to download from the
Google Play Store for android and from the App Store for iPhone.

Can you recognise an Asian hornet? 

Three easy steps to identify an Asian hornet:

1.  Does it look very black?
2.  Has is got a wide orange stripe on the 4th segment of it's abdomen?
3.  Do it's legs look as it they have been dipped in yellow paint?

                    Asian Hornet

Please click here for the Asian Hornet identification PDF.

The Animal & Plant Health Agency have put together a short film to help identify Asian hornets.

There is also useful video on Youtube from Martyn Hocking at:

Insect Look-a-Likes

           European Hornet                                      Giant Wood Wasp                                                       Wasp

What to do if you spot an Asian hornet or a nest?

It is crucial you report any possible sightings so experts can take quick and effective action to eradicate Asian hornets. The best way is to use the 'Asian Hornet Watch' app to record and report any sightings. However, if you haven’t downloaded the app yet then send your photos and videos by email to: [email protected]

See it!  Snap it!  Send it!

Courtesy The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), Crown Copyright’.

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