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Welcome to the 'Beekeepers' area which contains restricted content specifically for our beekeeping community. 
Here you will find a wide range of resources and information to support existing BBKA members and Associations.
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If you aren't already a BBKA member then you can explore your options to 'Become a Member'

The BBKA Online Learning Platform is now live and can be accessed by clicking on the above image. 

All current BBKA members can access the Learning Platform using their membership number and postcode.

There are currently four types of study units available:

  • Units for individual beekeepers (free)
  • Units for the public to raise awareness (free)
  • Units to be used by Associations in their training (free)
  • Correspondence courses (fee paying)

The first individual study units available are:

  • Hygiene & Disease Inspection
  • Asian Hornet Awareness

Our Associations are our members, so creating materials for Associations to use as part of their own training is a priority. We have started by making available the existing Course in a Case materials (all levels). We have also put up some more recent courses offered by Associations: Towards the Basic and Beyond the Basic. All these courses can be accessed and downloaded by Association Officers and we hope they will be useful to you in your own training.  Please note that these sections will request a further password which has been emailed directly to Associations.

The general public will have 'guest' access to non-specialist study units about Asian Hornets and Swarming. In future we also aim to create materials about planting for pollinators. 

On top of all this, BBKA News is now stored digitally on the Learning Platform so members can enjoy reading past issues much more easily.