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Does bee behaviour reflect their heritage?

A PHD student at University of Plymouth is trying to recruit bee keepers to perform a survey of traits in their bees over the summer and then use genetic tests to associate those traits with lineages of honey bees. She wants to measure drone brood timings, worker brood cycle and thriftiness and will then work out their heritage.Read more

Research survey for a Beekeeper's book on British botany

There are many book on gardening for bees and other pollinators, some even include some basic beekeeping information on beekeeping, but as of yet there has been no beekeepers' bible to flowers and honeybees.Read more


BBKA Letter to Asian Hornet Action Teams and AssociationsRead more

Round up of exams news and results

Here we are at the start of another new year and as usual here is a round up of last years’ activities.Read more

Booking your tickets for Apimondia? HOLD ON!

Group bookings get a discount - please read here to see how to save money.Read more

Latest on Asian Hornet - AHAT action required

Please find attached a document prepared by Anne Rowberry, BBKA Trustee, regarding The Role of Associations and Beekeepers concerning Asian Hornets.Read more

Office Newsletter - December 2018

News and new resources from the office - sent to all associations, branches and individual membersRead more