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Latest on Asian Hornet - AHAT action required

Please find attached a document prepared by Anne Rowberry, BBKA Trustee, regarding The Role of Associations and Beekeepers concerning Asian Hornets.Read more

Office Newsletter - December 2018

News and new resources from the office - sent to all associations, branches and individual membersRead more

No deal Brexit and honey bees

Government Technical Notice Regarding Importation of Animal and Animal Products in the Event of a No Deal BrexitRead more

Update from the Exam Board

The BBKA Exam Board syllabi for exams and assessments have been updated to show the syllabi effective from January 2019Read more

Message from the UK Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA)

Please make sure your records are up to date so we can get a realistic overview of the current levels of Apiaries around the UK.Read more


Thymol is not approved for the treatment of Nosema and is ineffective against it.Read more

Change in requirements for taking modules

This change will take place from late next yearRead more

Reaction to MAQs Strips

Please exercise precaution if using MAQs strips this AutumnRead more

Posh Bee EU funded project

Calling all Beekeepers in Oxfordshire, Kent and Berkshire! Want to contribute to agrochemical research looking at the impacts of chemicals on honeybees? Accepting applications for field trials now! (All you have to do is agree to the project having the use of a couple of your hives). This work will be paid.Read more