Research increasingly shows that schools using sustainability principles help their pupils to develop positive attitudes to their futures, enjoy learning which means they are more likely to be better behaved, are more engaged in class and attain better results


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Bees in schools

The BBKA exists to promote beekeeping and to advance education about bees in the environment. To help meet these aims, we are consulting with schools to discover how we can support them. 

In phase one of our consultation, we talked with known beekeeping schools to find out how they use their bees in the education and development of young people. Some have found imaginative ways of linking bees to the curriculum and others prefer an extra-curricular approach. All of them told us how their bees have become woven into the fabric of school life.

The most surprising finding for us perhaps, is the inspiring accounts we received of how bees have helped with complex behaviours and with the development of young people with special educational needs.

Currently, the average age of a UK beekeeper is 66 and because our bees face an ever-increasing range of threats, we know that the best hope for the future lies with our young people. We also know that bees and beekeeping offers an exciting range of educational opportunities for schools.

BBKA trustees have approved a project to provide participating schools with curriculum-linked educational materials and the means to start an apiary. Members of the public, schools and community groups will also be able to visit a state-of-the-art educational resource at the National Beekeeping Centre. There will also be an infrastructure to deliver activities to community groups nationally. 

We are working hard to secure funding for the project. We anticipate that we will deliver phase one in Spring 2019. Schools that register with us will be kept fully informed as the project develops.

Would your school be interested in a visit to the National Beekeeping Centre or to a local apiary? Would you prefer help in starting an apiary of your own? What supporting materials would you need?

We would like your school’s help in shaping the project and for it to benefit from our future delivery.

To register your interest and to contribute to the consultation, take a few minutes to complete our online form. Please answer the questions as fully as possible. Your feedback will inform the project and help us secure funding to support your school.

If you are interested in how bees can be linked to the curriculum or if you have any other questions please email our project manager, Howard Towl at [email protected] or call him on 07832 185913.

Thank you for your interest! 

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