The BBKA works hard to raise the profile of beekeeping amongst young people.

Junior Certificate

Under 18 and want to test your beekeeping knowledge?
The Junior certificate consists of 4 elements:
  • 10 minutes of questions 
  • Examine a frame of bees; identifying the 3 kinds of bees i.e workers, drones and The Queen
  • Presenting a piece of creative homework related to bees
  • Present a beekeeping diary produced over a 6 week period
To enter, groups must be associated with their local beekeeping branch

Further information and copy of Syllabus

International Meeting of Young Beekeepers - IMYB

The IMYB is an annual event held in different countries.  It gives young beekeepers the opportunity to meet, work and learn from fellow young beekeepers from almost 30 countries around the world. It is a life-changing trip for those selected to represent England and a great time is guaranteed! 

Further information and details of previous events.