Junior Certificate

Our Junior Certificate promotes the knowledge of Apis Mellifera throughout the UK
The Junior certificate consists of 4 elements
  • 10 minutes of questions 
  • Examine a frame of bees; identifying the 3 kinds of bees i.e workers, drones and The Queen
  • Presenting a piece of creative homework related to bees
  • Present a beekeeping diary produced over a 6 week period

This examination is intended to meet the requirements of schools, Scout and Guide groups together with those not qualified to enter for the Basic Assessment. Additionally, it is intended that the examination will reflect the candidates interest of apiculture and encourage them to go forward to the next examination, the Basic Assessment.

To apply for the assessment, complete the Application Form and send it with the Fee to your Area Examination Secretary or if an individual member, direct to the National Beekeeping Centre at Stoneleigh.

The Area Examination Secretary will organise the assessment and contact you with details.

International Meeting of Young Beekeepers

IMYB is a conference/competition held every year in different places across the world at which a team of three competitors and at least one team leader (adult) attend and take part in competitions helping to raise the profile of beekeeping everywhere.