The BBKA provides information, support and resources for schools in a variety of ways.

Beekeeping Schools

Beekeeping can be a great benefit to schools and can have a huge impact on pupils.  It does, however, require a lot of thought and planning for a school considering keeping honey bees as it is a big commitment.  The BBKA provides information to help schools who are thinking about having honey bees on site with their preparation and planning.  

BBKA Beacon School status is awarded to schools who demonstrate sustained best practice in beekeeping and who educate their pupils about the enjoyment and appreciation of beekeeping.

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Bee Friendly Schools

Schools can be ‘bee friendly’ without having to keep honey bees on site.   A small garden area or even a selection of pots can be planted with Spring bulbs, shrubs and perennials to attract pollinators.  Pupils can also make bee and bug hotels to add to the garden area.

Schools can also become a BBKA 'Friend of the Honey Bee' to show their commitment to supporting honey bees and pollinators.

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School Visits

The BBKA offers free of charge visits for schools to it's Apiary Garden and Education Centre at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.  Children learn about the importance of honey bees, pollinators, beekeeping and the environment.  The highlight of each visit is our 'Meet the Bees' sessions where children watch safely from behind a bee-proof mesh as an experienced beekeeper opens a hive.

Photo collage from school visits

Further information about our school visits.

Bees in the Curriculum

This Key Stage 1 and 2 online resource pack was written for the BBKA by beekeepers from the teaching profession and provides fact sheets and work sheets about bees, minibeasts, bee products, the beekeeper and pollination.  This is a free resource.

Bees in the Curriculum

We also provide additional ideas for fun activities which can help integrate bees into the curriculum:

Activities for schools who keep bees
Activities for bee friendly schools