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Honey Bee Breeding Certificate

A practical assessment to promote the skills required to improve stocks of local bees.

A new certificate introduced for 2018 as part of the BBKA's work to promote the use and improvement of local bees amongst its members. The assessment is equally applicable to honey bee breeders who work alone and to those who work as part of a group. 


To encourage an improvement in the skills and methodology applied to the selective breeding of honey bees that are adapted to local conditions and have desirable characteristics.

The Candidates will be able to demonstrate a range of beekeeping skills related to queen rearing, honey bee breeding and selection.


To apply for the assessment, complete the Application Form and send it with the Fee to your Area Examination Secretary or if an individual member, direct to the National Beekeeping Centre at Stoneleigh.

The BBKA Examination Secretary will contact you with the assessment details.

Honey Bee Breeding Syllabus