Visit the BBKA to learn all about the fascinating honeybee:


Introduction to Honey Bees

An Introductory talk about what a honey bee is, the life cycle of a bee and learning about Who’s Who in the hive.  Learn about the equipment a beekeeper uses and how to put together a hive.

An opportunity to see honey bees in an observation hive; a safe, learning environment to watch and develop understanding about these amazing creatures.  Explaining what to do if you get stung.

Anatomy of a Honey Bee


Discover how the amazing honey bee has adapted to its environment to forage for nectar and collect pollen, propolis and water, by looking down the microscope at slides of honey bee parts. Create a mosaic image of a flower with UV pens to show how a honey bee sees! 

Bees’ Communication

Observe how honey bees interact and communicate with each other on the frame by watching real bees safely in an observation hive. A great way to learn what goes on inside a hive and how bees communicate through movement and the waggle dance.

Flower Power

Why do we need bees? Learn about why different species of bees prefer different flowers. Discover how bees forage for nectar and at the same time pollinate flowers and plants! Explore the other-worldly nature of pollen through the lens of a microscope.

Meet the Bees’ and Explore Hive Products


‘Meet the Bees’ -  watch safely in small groups from behind a bee-proof mesh in our outdoor cabin as an experienced beekeeper opens a hive to enable you to see the real live honeybees inside!

Explore the products of the hive; including beeswax and honey and how they benefit both humans and bees! 


Children will engage in the following fun and active sessions to enhance this learning:

Observation Hive:

Meet the bees close up in an observation hive and find the Queen!


Bee Suits:

Children will have the opportunity to dress in bee suits and gloves and explore the equipment that a beekeeper uses.



Examine different parts of the honeybee under the microscope as well as pollen and honey.


How do bees see?

Discover how bees see differently to us.  Create a mosaic flower and add UV ink to show how bees see flowers.


Waggle Dance:

Learn the bees’ waggle dance and how they communicate within the hive.  Can you create your own dance to communicate with your friends?


Drinking Straw Tongue:

Discover how bees’ tongues are like straws and how they use them to drink water and suck nectar from flowers.


Hive Products:

Explore the products of the hive, including beeswax and honey, and see how they benefit both humans and bees!


Pollination Game:

Class game.  Who will collect the most nectar and pollen?


Hexagon/Circle Shape Sort:


Counting game using hexagon and circle shapes.


 And the highlight of the day!

‘Meet the Bees’

Watch safely from behind a bee-proof mesh in our outdoor cabin as an experienced beekeeper opens a hive to enable you to see the real live honeybees inside!