The BBKA is today (Friday, 7th April 2017) distributing 1,000kg of flower seeds, free to members, at its annual Spring Convention in Shropshire.

Donated by Burts Bees, as part of its ‘BringBackTheBees’ campaign, approximately 192 million seeds have been specially selected to provide a pollen and nectar-rich diet for honeybees and other pollinators and comprise a wide mix of 26 different, predominantly wildflower varieties.

Loss of habitat

Tim Lovett, Director of the BBKA’s Spring Convention, commented:

“Pollen is particularly important to honeybees at the earliest stage of development because it is their only source of protein.  In common with many other creatures including humans, protein is an essential building block for growth, and honeybees without sufficient protein from pollen in their diet will fail to thrive. 

Loss of habitat is believed to be one of the factors behind the decline in numbers of a wide range of pollinating insects including honeybees, bumble bees and butterflies.

We can all help 

“We can all help by replenishing lost habitats, widely recognised as a contributory factor to the decline in numbers of a wide range of pollinating insects, including honeybees.

“Our members will be covering the equivalent of four football pitches with wildflowers and we urge members of the public to follow suit by creating their own wildflower patchworks to provide food supplies for all the insects that are so important to us, including honeybees, bumble bees, butterflies and moths.”

Burts Bees is a long term sponsor of the BBKA’s scheme Adopt a Beehive, which raises funds for applied  educational and environmental projects in support of honey bees.


Notes to Editor

There are 76 local associations in the BBKA representing 25,000 members

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