Module reading lists:

Module 1 - Honey Bee Management

Module 2 - Honey Bee Products and Forage

Module 3 - Honey Bee Pests, Diseases and Poisoning

Module 5 - Honey Bee Biology

Module 6 - Honey Bee Behaviour  (updated January 2024)

Module 7 - Selection & Breeding of Honey Bees

Module 8 - Beekeeping and Honey Bee Management

These reading lists are intended as a guide for candidates. It is not intended that candidates should read all the books on the list and there are other books available, not listed, which are also suitable reading. Only parts of each book may be relevant to a particular module or assessment. Candidates should therefore pay careful attention to the contents of the syllabus concerned. General information on sources of books is given at the end of each list.

Use this link to download any National Honey Show publications included in the reading lists.