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Take a tour around the Online Exam and learn some tricks and tips for exam day. Watch the video of Nicky and Sean walking through the exam and looking at the different functions with some handy hints for exam day.

Module Examinations Online

With the current Covid-19 restrictions it has not been possible to hold in-person exams. The examinations board has been working to provide an online option for taking module exams so anyone who wants to take their exams this way in April, can do so.

The module exams will be held on the 24th April in 2021 as we needed longer than usual to set up the new process. So here is what’s happening and when.

Week commencing February 8th – there will be an email to all candidates explaining the process.

Week commencing February 15th -There will be a public demo of a past paper available on the website. This is an opportunity for everyone to experience how the exam will look and how to input answers. We have kept as close as we can to the same format as the written papers. Link as follows:

Week commencing March 1st – All candidates will be emailed with information about the training on the 20st/21st March. This will include full instructions and test logon details. This is when the candidate can download the software to run the exam online and support will be available.

March 20th/21st -This weekend is the candidate’s opportunity to practice taking a mock exam using the exam software. This software locks down the computer for the duration of the exam and prevents access to other programs as well as giving the candidate access to the Invigilator. Our online exam invigilators will also be online during the weekend.

ALL CANDIDATES MUST ACCESS AND SUBMIT THE MOCK EXAM before taking the real exam. It is not necessary to answer all the questions. This is to make sure everyone has their computer set up and working with the software before the real exam.

April 3rd – This is the deadline for candidates to let us know if they change their mind and decide that the online exam format is not for them.

Week Commencing April 17th – The candidate will be emailed the unique logon details for each module exam to be taken.  There will also be a time slot to log on for each module.

April 24th Exam day is here. The candidate will have the exam software installed and passcodes to hand and will have already had a go with an online exam so will be ready to go.

Will my computer work?

Most up to date Windows or Mac machines should work fine as will iPads with a keyboard connected and the screen held in portrait rather than landscape. Chromebooks are not currently supported. Candidates will need a working camera and microphone for their computer. If candidates don’t have one they can buy a separate one at a fairly modest price. Please make sure the computer used for the practice is the same computer used for the exams. A link to the full list of computer specifications is on the BBKA website in the FAQ.

I have a special need. What options are available to me?

Extra time is available to anyone who is eligible. The software we will be using also has the options for larger text, text to speech and contrast changes which is available to everyone. Other needs will be looked at on an individual basis. Please remember that any special needs should be recorded on your application form and proof provided.

Still have questions? Try our FAQ page below:

Q. Where can I download the BBKA Inspera exam portal?

Download PC software  here.                     

Download Mac software here.     

Q. What time can I take my online module exam?

A. You can start your online exam anytime after 9:30. The exams will be available until 13:30 so to get your full allowance of 1 hour and 45 mins, the latest you will be able to start is 11:45. If you are taking two modules you will have to start at 9:30 or shortly afterwards to allow you to fit both modules in and have a short break inbetween. You can take modules in any order you want.

Q: What happens if I take more than one module on 24th April.
A: At this stage our intention is to hold all the module exams in 2 sessions on 24th April. One module can be taken in the first session and one in the second.

Q. Will candidates be allowed to make paper notes during the exam on a notepad beside their computer keyboard?
A. Candidates can type their notes on the screen. This is easy to do and can be deleted afterwards if you wish or be used as a starting point and incorporated into your answers.

Q: How do I know if my computer is suitable?

A: Type  Inspera system requirements  into your web browser and the first two links will take you to the information. It gives the main options but as it says at the bottom other systems may be supported, candidates will do a system check about a month before the exam. Please note that Windows 10 in S mode is not compatible as the software needed to run the exam is not available on the Microsoft store

Q: I can't download the Exam portal as my computer says I have an OpenGL error

A: How to fix OpenGL errors in Windows 10

Method 1: Update the graphics driver manually

  1. Identify the graphics card model and manufacturer using Windows System Information

    2.  Navigate to the graphics card manufacturer official website. (e.g. Intel, AMD or NVIDIA)

  1. On the official site, navigate to the graphics driver and choose the operating system. Download the latest drivers for the graphics card and install it on the computer. This will also update the OpenGL on the computer.

Method 2: Update OpenGL Driver in Device Manager

  1. Open Device Manager
  2. Expand Display adapters and then right click the graphics card to Update driver.
  3. Select “Search automatically for drivers”
  4. If update found select and install

Q: Can I use my Chromebook?
A: Unfortunately, Chromebooks are 
not currently supported by the software.

Q: Not everyone can type as fast as they write, so if the former, how much time will be allowed?
A: In Spring the total length of the Exam will be extended to 1h and 45min

Q: Will time checks be given?
A: The time remaining is constantly in view on screen.

Q: I notice from looking at Inspera that my Older Mac/PC does not meet the system requirements.  I will not be alone in this I am sure. Some people do not have inbuilt cameras. Will you be giving advice in plenty of time so that people have the opportunity to make any necessary changes?
A: As soon as we know who the candidates are we will be able to start the hardware checks. We would aim for this to be in February. Anyone with unsuitable system or hardware will have the opportunity to take the Modules in November as a hand written paper.

Q: How will it work if multiple people are taking an exam in one household?
A: Either 2 computers in different rooms or one exam in each session.

Q: Will there be an Invigilator monitoring screens in real time?
A: Yes. Candidates need to have both camera and microphone enabled so they can be monitored with both video and audio.

Q: Understandably there has been no mention of practical exams at present. Do you have a deadline for making the decision about holding any practical exams next year?
A: We are planning to proceed with the practical assessments as usual. This is however dependent on Covid-19 restrictions in place at the time.

Q: The typing ability of some candidates could be an issue. Would there be a chance to have a dry run before sending in an application please?
A: Yes, there will be training for candidates and an opportunity to take a practice exam before the day of the real exam. We advise that candidates practice typing their answers on a computer rather than writing them on paper.

Q: What happens if the internet goes down during an exam?
A: After a short term outage ie a few minutes the exam will continue when the signal returns (tested) and an additional amount of time will be added to the exam time to make up for time lost.

Q: What if my computer goes down during the exam?
A: We advise that system functionality and the available hardware to the candidate are reliable and tested before the exam. There will be training provided and an opportunity to take a test exam, before the real exam.

Q: Are we expected to draw charts or graphs for the on line Modules?
A: The requirement for drawing graphs or charts for the on line Modules will be removed. There may be an occasional picture or a diagram the candidate may be asked to comment on or identify parts of.

Q: How will dishonesty that may occur during the exam be addressed?
A: As per current procedure. Candidates will be monitored by an invigilator and may face disqualification if cheating is confirmed.

Q: Is the exam format the same as recent past papers?
A: Yes, the format of the on line modules will be the same as the hand written papers.

If you have a question that has not been answered in the FAQs then please get in touch using this contact form. We hope to be back in touch with you with an answer within 48 hours.