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Q: How do I apply for a module for Spring 2021 if I didn’t apply in 2020?

A: The application form is on this page

Q: What happens if I take more than one module on 24th April.
A: At this stage our intention is to hold all the module exams in 2 sessions on 24th April. One module can be taken in the first session and one in the second.

Q: When do you anticipate us asking those who were due to take exams in 2020 if they wish to go forward with the new online system? Will it be this year?
A: We want all the applications confirmed by January 31st 2021, so we will ask Exam Secretaries to check with candidates in December.

Q: How do I know if my computer is suitable?

A: Type    Inspera system requirements   into your web browser and the first two links will take you to the information.   It gives the main options but as it says at the bottom other systems may be supported, candidates will do a system check about a month before the exam.

Q: Very few are able to type as fast as write, so if the former, how much time will be allowed?
A: In Spring the total length of the Exam will be extended to 1h and 45min

Q: Will time checks be given?
A: The time remaining is constantly in view on screen.

Q: I notice from looking at Inspera that my Older Mac/PC does not meet the system requirements.  I will not be alone in this I am sure. Some people do not have inbuilt cameras. Will you be giving advice in plenty of time so that people have the opportunity to make any necessary changes?
A: As soon as we know who the candidates are we will be able to start the hardware checks. We would aim for this to be in February. Anyone with unsuitable system or hardware will have the opportunity to take the Modules in November as a hand written paper.

Q: How will it work if multiple people are taking an exam in one household?
A: Either 2 computers in different rooms or one exam in each session.

Q: Will there be an Invigilator monitoring screens in real time?
A: Yes. Candidates need to have both camera and microphone enabled so they can be monitored with both video and audio.

Q: Understandably there has been no mention of practical exams at present. Do you have a deadline for making the decision about holding any practical exams next year?
A: As we’ve seen things can change very quickly so we would prefer not to make any decision until at least April. We think provided ‘group’ meetings are allowed, COVID-19 secure assessments should be possible.

Q: The typing ability of some candidates could be an issue. Would there be a chance to have a dry run before sending in an application please?
A: Yes, there will be training for candidates and an opportunity to take a practice exam before the day of the real exam. We advise that candidates practice typing their answers on a computer rather than writing them on paper.

Q: What happens if the internet goes down during an exam?
A: After a short term outage ie a few minutes the exam will continue when the signal returns (tested) and an additional amount of time will be added to the exam time to make up for time lost.

Q: What if my computer goes down during the exam?
A: We advise that system functionality and the available hardware to the candidate are reliable and tested before the exam. There will be training provided and an opportunity to take a test exam, before the real exam.

Q: Are we expected to draw charts or graphs for the on line Modules?
A: The requirement for drawing graphs or charts for the on line Modules will be removed. There may be an occasional picture or a diagram the candidate may be asked to comment on or identify parts of.

Q: How will dishonesty that may occur during the exam be addressed?
A: As per current procedure. Candidates will be monitored by an invigilator and may face disqualification if cheating is confirmed.

Q: Is the exam format the same as recent past papers?
A: Yes, the format of the on line modules will be the same as the hand written papers.

If you have a question that has not been answered in the FAQs then please get in touch using this contact form. We hope to be back in touch with you with an answer within 48 hours.