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Welcome to the 'Beekeepers' area which contains restricted content specifically for our beekeeping community. 
Here you will find a wide range of resources and information to support existing BBKA members and Associations.
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Founded in 1874 as a national umbrella organisation for beekeeping associations, our charitable object is:

'to advance the education of the public and beekeepers in the craft of beekeeping and promote
the importance of bees in the environment'.

Governed by a Board of Trustees, we are a UK Registered charity (no. 1185343) and we look after over 28,000 hobby beekeepers.

We run as an umbrella to our Associations. Each Association has one elected member who votes on all things beekeeping in the UK at our Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM) held at the beginning of every year.  Appointed at the ADM are the President and 12 Trustees, who collectively comprise the Executive Committee (EC) that is the governing body of the BBKA. Delegates may adopt propositions at the Annual Delegate Meeting that provide policy direction to the EC.

Education is at the heart of our activities.  We run a wide range of educational programmes, lectures, workshops and are committed to the importance of beekeeping for the benefit of all.  For those wishing to become qualified beekeepers, our Exam Board oversees practical and written examinations for all abilities.  This can culminate in the highest Master Beekeeper award.

We work with the government (DEFRA) to represent the needs of beekeepers and honey bees and to advise government on their Pollinators' Strategy.