Lecturers & Speakers

Enhance your association activities and extend your educational programme by booking a speaker.Read more

Develop young beekeepers

BBKA works hard to raise the profile of beekeeping amongst young people through its school packs and beekeeping certificates to ensure the next generation will be well equipped to do the important work we urgently need to continueRead more

Champion bees

We advise government on their Pollinators Strategy and our network of local beekeeping associations support their communities to improve the environment for honeybees and other pollinatorsRead more

Represent the views of beekeepers all over the UK

Backed by our 25,000 strong Membership we sit on DEFRA Boards to represent the needs of beekeepers and honey bees to make sure we are top of the Government Agenda in Environmental capacitiesRead more

Education and training

The BBKA runs series of Modules and Beekeeping courses that have been developed to standardise and raise the level of beekeeping across the UKRead more


Honeybees are under threat and feral colonies appear to be in decline. In order to understand why, we need to undertake scientific research. The BBKA supports both investigative and applied research projectsRead more