ADM 2019

  1. Notification letter v2 from Stephen Barnes, Chair of Governance & Standing Orders Committee
  2. Guidelines for BBKA 2019 ADM Meeting – Nominations & Propositions
  3. Trustee Nomination Form
  4. Examination Board Member Nomination Form
  5. Proposition Form
  6. What does being a Trustee of the BBKA involve? 
  7. Delegate Nomination Form
  8. Minutes of ADM 2018

The timescales for various administrative processes are prescribed by the BBKA Constitution and we therefore ask you to return all completed documentation, to be at the BBKA Office, by Friday 19th October  2018 at the latest.   An earlier submission would be very helpful if at all possible. 

Last year some Nomination and Proposition forms were received without an original, hand written, signature.  This year we are asking that the original of any Proposition or Nomination form being submitted is signed in ink and posted to the BBKA office.