Alerts from farmers will tell beekeepers when spraying is happening up to a maximum of 5 km from their hives, the crop being sprayed and the compound being applied. Beekeepers will receive an email allowing them to take mitigating action, such as moving their hives or shutting the bees in for a short while.

BeeConnected is a joint venture under the Voluntary Initiative between the BBKA, the National Farmers Union and the Crop Protection Association. The BeeConnected website will also allow beekeepers to read the approved manufacturers’ information on the compound and whether or not it is associated with a bee alert being known to harm bees.

Current best agricultural practice, as advocated by farm assurance schemes and the UK code of practice for pesticide use, requires that beekeeper notification takes place 48 hours before spraying to minimise the risk to bees.

Beekeepers should go to: