Planning for 2024 BBKA Spring Convention

2024 is the 150th anniversary of the founding of the British Beekeepers Association. There’s no better place to come and celebrate this than the BBKA’s Spring Convention!

The planning for the Spring Convention starts long before Spring, and whilst some speakers and workshops have yet to be finalised, it’s going to be a really special event.

If you’re feeling a bit “Zoomed out” then come along and participate in some real-world beekeeping activities. The Spring Convention has real-life speakers, workshops and seminars!

The BBKA Spring Convention is held at Harper Adams University   near Newport, in Shropshire. The dates for 2024 are 12th - 14th April.  The one day Trade Show will be on Saturday 13th April. Many traders have special offers available to pre-order, as well as having new items of kit available to examine at the Show.

The event is held across the campus in several buildings, with lectures, workshops, seminars, the Trade Show and the not-for-profit area where you’ll find many organisations including the BBKA Trustees and staff.  There are opportunities for beekeepers to volunteer as stewards too!

There are places to sit and have a coffee and catch up with beekeepers you know and the opportunity to meet beekeepers you don’t know too! 

The speakers and tutors include: 

Marin Anastasov, Andy Anderson, Geoff Blay, Shirley and Richard Bond, Maria Bouga, Mark Brown, Ian Campbell, Norman Carreck, Julie Coleman, Richard Comont, Lynfa Davies, Jamie Ellis, John Goodwin, John Hendrie, Luke and Suzie Hutchinson, Lynn Ingram, Angela Kirk, Grace McCormack, Stephen Martin, Jane Medwell, Claire O’Brien, Chris Park, Alice Pinto, Tom Pope, Sara Robb, Stuart Roberts, Anne Rowberry, Alexandra Sapoznik, Tom Seeley (virtually), Debbie Smith, Stewart Spinks, Kirsty Stainton, Sean Stephenson, Rhona Toft, Jim and Val Vivian-Griffiths, Alison Wakeman, and more!

A general ticket (wristband) for the Convention gives you access to all lectures, but workshops and seminars need booking and they sell out fast as many people want to have the benefit of the knowledge and skills of our expert tutors. Workshops carry an extra cost to cover equipment and materials etc. The tickets will be released on Monday 29th January 2024. We recommend that you study what is available and make your bookings soon after this date!

10 reasons to visit BBKA Spring Convention:

  1. Great lecture programme for all beekeepers

  2. Practical workshops to learn new skills

  3. Seminars on topics of interest to all. 

  4. Amazing bargains to be had at the Trade Show

  5. High standard of food commented on by all. 

  6. Meet your beekeeping friends from all over the country

  7. Chat to other beekeepers and enjoy a break in any of these places: Refectory, “Graze”, “Kaldi Cafe”, Teaching Block and R F A cafe stalls.

  8. Listen and join in with the debates in Speakers corner

  9. Take your wax to trade in for foundation

  10. Meet the traders – a chance to go and say hello to the people you buy your kit from and see their new products in real life. 

You can visit for just one day or the whole weekend!