Bulk Order Publications - Telephone the Office Only

You cannot order this item on the shop - you need to telephone the office

If you would like to purchase a bulk order of the any of the BBKA Special Edition Series Booklets or the BBKA Guide to Beekeeping 2nd Edition book - please give us a call on 02476 698620.

These prices are for 10 copies of each book/booklet and over:

  • BBKA Guide to Beekeeping 2nd Edition - £12.00 each
  • BBKA News - In the Apiary - £3.00 each
  • BBKA News - Honey Bee Anatomy - £3.00 each
  • BBKA News - Feeding Honey Bees - £3.00 each
  • BBKA News - Flower Families for Forage - £3.00 each
  • BBKA News - Swarming - £3.00 each
  • BBKA News - General Husbandry - £8.00 each
  • BBKA News - Advanced Husbandry - £8.00 each

There will be a postage charge for bulk orders and we can inform you of that cost when you call.

We can also bring bulk orders to ADM and Spring Convention for collection which cuts out the postage cost.