BBKA Healthy Hive Guide

This Healthy Hive Guide is intended to help you identify the problems in your hive. Not all problems manifest themselves in exactly the same way every time. It is sometimes enough for beekeepers to recognise that they may have a problem with their bees in order to seek help. This book is an excellent resource and should be in the tool kit of every beekeeper.

The book is ring bound, wipe clean and should fit exactly in the pocket of your bee suit so you can take it with you to the apiary.

For further more detailed explanations of pests and diseases, beekeepers should consult the National Bee Unit web site, BeeBase.

The brood of honey bees, in particular, is attacked by many diseases. These diseases will weaken a colony, thereby decreasing its value for honey production and crop pollination. Every beekeeper should be able to identify the different brood diseases, in order to provide early treatments. ….. Every beekeeper should own, and carefully read, this excellent book.  Thomas D Seeley

This book has been commissioned by the British Beekeepers’ Association and supported by Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd., Vita (Europe) Ltd and Advance Science – HiveAlive. BBKA would like to thank them for their valued contribution.

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ISBN:  9781916239807