BBKA News – Feeding Honey Bees

Bees evolved a very long time ago and one might think that by being free to leave their hive and go about the business of living, they do not need help from us beekeepers who manage them as colonies for our own ends. After all, honey bee colonies are not domesticated in the sense that they are able to live in the wild without human intervention, unlike those animals we think of as domesticated such as dogs and cattle.

However, bees are still livestock and when in our own hives for our own benefit, we have a duty of care, to keep them healthy, well fed and in sound shelters. Just as any species, a healthy diet is vital for a healthy individual. So it is for the whole colony. In this booklet we look at why we may need to feed bees, what to give them, when to give it and in what to give it.

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