BBKA News – Honey Bee Anatomy

Ian Stell used the latest imaging techniques and digital photography to produce the illustrations in these articles all of which were first published in BBKA News.

This collection of articles covers many aspects of the detailed anatomy of the honey bee. They are not only fascinating in themselves but they also serve to verify facts that we have assumed but, until recently, were unable to prove.

I am sure we will all have our favourite Ian articles and I certainly have mine. I like ‘Do Bees Pant?’  I love the idea of bees panting. I imagine the foragers returning with a load of nectar or pollen and just about making it to the hive entrance, landing on the alighting board and panting. Well despite my imagination, our bees don’t pant. This particular article tells us why. It shows a beautiful electron micrograph so of the tracheoles with their accompanying taenidiae which enable the bees to breathe.

This collection of articles is a masterpiece.

Margaret Murdin – BBKA Chairman

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