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Please action this asap to ensure we can all help the Government in the coordinated response to this invasive species.

The Asian Hornet Team can arrange assistance with the identification of suspect Asian hornet sightings or leads. 

The AHT training exercise for members

The exercise needs to be completed for you to have cover for taking part in AHT activities. More information can be found about insurance on this additional Asian hornet page

Legend: blue pin = AHT coordinator (Team Leader), red pin = AHT verifier (member of team}

NB: Changes are made via the ER2 system not the office, please contact your membership secretary

For Beekeepers:

The Role Of AHT Teams

This AHT mapped list is managed by associations and branches. If you have any questions about being added to the map then please contact your local area association or branch.

Asian Hornet Incursion Map