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Welcome to the 'Beekeepers' area which contains restricted content specifically for our beekeeping community. 
Here you will find a wide range of resources and information to support existing BBKA members and Associations.
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BBKA Leaflets to Purchase and/or Download

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Allotment Beekeeping (L030)                           The Bees & Wasps in your Garden (L024)


Please download here.                                              Please download here.
Size: A4 3 Fold    Edition: 2021                                                  Size: DL 4 Fold   Edition: 2021

Ten favourite flowers for small gardens To attract Honey Bees (L025)

Cost: Printed copy available £0.03 each or download here  
Size: A4 Both Sides    Edition:  June 2022

Pocket Guide to the Honey Bee (L028)

                   Front Cover                                              Back Cover

Cost: £0.25 each    Size: A6   30 Pages   

These pocket guides are very popular with the public.  Several associations tell us they take the booklet to shows and suggest a minimum donation which helps towards the cost of attending the show.

BBKA Leaflets to Download

Neighbours & Siting an Apiary (L011)                         Getting Started in Beekeeping (L031)

Cost: Please download here                                                     Cost: Please download here  
Size: DL 4 Fold    Edition: June 2012                                        Size: A4 Both Sides    Edition:  October 2022

Collecting a Swarm (L004)                                                Managing live bees at Shows (L005)


Cost: Please download here                                                       Cost: Please download here
Size: A4 3 Fold    Edition: May 2012                                           Size:  A4 3 Fold     Edition: May 2012 

Beekeeping in Developed & Managed
Environments including Solar Farms (L032)                           Solar Farm Sites - Points to Consider (L033)


Cost: Please download here                                                                     Cost: Please download here
Size: A4 double sided   Edition: November 2023                                  Size:  A4 single sided     Edition: November 2023

Standard & Guidance Notes for Nuclei (L014)

Cost: Please download for free.   Size: A4 3 Fold    Edition:  November 2012

Swarm Control for Beginners - BBKA Swarms Advisory leaflet
Reprinted from the BBKA News 

Cost: Please Download for Free  Size:  A4    Edition 2020 

Trees for Bees (L2)
Cost: Please download for free   Size: A4 3 Fold   Edition: 2007

Shrubs for Bees (L3)
Cost: Please download for free   Size: A4  3 fold    Edition: 2007

Other Leaflets to Download

BFTB Arable Beginners Bugology / Friends in the Fields / Mosey in the Margins Leaflets


Cost: Please download for free from the 'Back from the Brink' website:  Size: A4    Edition: November 2020 

The World of Bees Info-graphic

Cost: Please Download for free. Size:  A4    Edition 2020