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Module exams are usually held on the third Saturday in March and the second Saturday in November.

Upcoming dates are:

13th November 2021

19th March 2022

12th November 2022 -

For those members taking the online exams, the above link is a public demo of a past paper online. This is an opportunity for everyone to experience how the exam will look and how to input answers. We have kept as close as we can to the same format as the written papers.

Module Exams - A chance to test your knowledge on all aspects of apiculture.

The Modules are written examinations held at a centre in your region with each paper taking 100mins (1h 40mins). You can take up to 2 modules in each session. There are seven modules to be studied.  Example answer sheets for some of the Modules are available to guide candidates on the level of detail required in the examination.

FAQ for Module Exams in 2021 

Example Answer sheet (Module 1)     Example Answer sheet (Module 2)   Example Answer sheet  (Module 3)

(click the links for the syllabi)

Click here for updated Syllabi for 2022 Modules 1 - 8

2021 Syllabi

Module 1 - Honey Bee Management

Module 2 - Honey Bee Products and Forage

Module 3 - Honey Bee Pests, Diseases and Poisoning

Module 5 - Honey Bee Biology

Module 6 - Honey Bee Behaviour

Module 7 - Selection & Breeding of Honey Bees

Module 8 - Honey Bee Management, Health and History

Module 8 must be the last module to be taken, otherwise they can be tackled in any order.
After passing modules 1, 2, 3 and one other from 5, 6 and 7 you are awarded the Intermediate Theory Certificate and after passing all modules you are awarded the Advanced Theory Certificate.
It is recommended that you have at least 2 years’ experience of beekeeping before sitting a module exam.
To apply for the assessment, please contact your local Exam Secretary. They will be able to email you a link to the application form. You can use this to apply and pay online. You will get a receipt by email to confirm we have your application. If you are not sure how to contact your local exam secretary then check with your local association. Independent members can contact the BBKA office to receive their application link form by email
The Area Exam Secretary will contact you with details of the Examination.
Results from March examinations are normally available by 3rd week May. Results from November examinations are normally available by 3rd week January.

Sets of past exam papers are available from the official BBKA online shop