I have been a beekeeper for around 8 years.  Over this period, I have managed around 30 hives in the Bristol area, comprising both my own bees and the Bristol BKA’s training apiary.  There I successfully revised the training programme to cater for the diverse membership ensuring a focus for both beginners as well as more seasoned members.  I wrote an article for BBKA news on my experience as the branch apiary manager.

Having had EFB, twice, I used the experience again to write an article for BBKA News, conveying the positives associated with foul brood - the wealth of indirect learning from hours of one-to-one time with the RBI over several years.

On moving to NI during the pandemic, I had to sell all my bees in Bristol (a vagary of Brexit) and I started again with a single, locally-bought nuc.  With my keen interest in queen-rearing I have increased my number of colonies back to 15, which I manage with my daughter.

In terms of training, I have completed all the modules, Healthy Bee practical, Microscopy and General Husbandry.  I aspire to sit the Advanced Husbandry in 2024.

To support my advocacy of locally adapted bees, I am a member of both BIBBA and NIHBS.

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