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Welcome to the 'Beekeepers' area which contains restricted content specifically for our beekeeping community. 
Here you will find a wide range of resources and information to support existing BBKA members and Associations.
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Did you know the BBKA have a digital version of the BBKA News?   It’s accessed via this link BBKANEWS.COM

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You can read the current edition as well as previous copies going back to February 2001!
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These three screengrabs are from a mobile phone. 

This screengrab shows the log in page for BBKA News.

This shows how you read the magazine, by scrolling through the pages.

This screengrab shows a search for Varroa which lists lots of results. 

If you're reading it on a computer then you'll see this 

(1) is to toggle the side bar. This allows you to click on a page in the sidebar (4) and see that page.
(2) allows you to to zoom in 
(3) allows you to read the page full screen removing everything else from the screen and you can then scroll through the pages. Hitting escape gets you back to the normal view.

If you don't see the option to switch to presentation mode (this may happen in some browsers) then right click as below to open in new tab and then it is available.

Visit BBKANEWS.COM now to read the BBKA News online