Useful Websites & Other Information

Document produced by Ian Campbell listing websites and other sources of useful information.

Asian Hornet Traps to Make or Buy

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Resources by Gillian Turner

All documents kindly provided by Gillian Turner, member of Wokingham & District Beekeepers Association.

 A Beekeepers Guide to Asian Hornets

Is it an Asian Hornet? - details of native insects commonly mistaken for Asian Hornets

On the look out for Asian Hornet Embryo Nests

Asian Hornets for Outdoor Work

Activity Packs for Children

Produced by Peter Down along with his local scout group.

  Younger Children Pack          OIder Children Pack

Attack on School in Deux-Sevres

Link to an article about Asian Hornets attacking pupils and staff at a school in Deux-Sevres, France.  Provided by Andrew Durham.

Asian Hornet Features Graphic

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