What's in your Bee Shed?

Southport & District Beekeepers were moving their Apiary from just outside Formby to Hesketh Park in Southport when they discovered an old microscope they had been given back in the 70s Read more

Does Bee Behaviour Relate to Inheritance?

New study has been commissioned to try to find out if certain bee behaviours are governed by genetics. Beekeepers are asked to take part. Read more

Team chosen for International Meeting of Young Beekeepers 2019

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) team for the International Meeting of Young Beekeepers in July has been chosen. Read more

First Asian Hornet of 2019

The first Asian Hornet of 2019 has been found in the British Isles. A foundress queen hornet emerged from hibernation at St Heliers Bay on the island of Jersey. Read more

Blog: Latest on Asian Hornet - 2019 plan drawn up

Latest on Asian Hornet - AHAT action required Read more

9 year old Rosie Edmundson receives BBKA President's Prize 2018

9 year old Rosie Edmundson was 'over the moon' to receive the British Beekeepers Association President's Prize for 2018 during morning assembly. Read more

Christmas Video Appeal for Adopt a Beehive

If you are in Birmingham in December check out the video billboard appeal about Adopt a Beehive. It's message is that you don't have to be a superhero to help honeybees. Read more

2 Asian Hornets found in 2 days at Dungeness in Kent

It's just been confirmed that two Asian Hornets have been found in Dungeness in Kent. One on ivy in someone's garden - the other was found at the Dungeness Bird Observatory. Read more

Jersey has found 52 Asian Hornet nests so far

The island of Jersey has found, destroyed or prevented 52 Asian Hornet nests so far this year with almost equal numbers of them in trees and buildings. Read more

Second Hampshire Asian Hornet nest destroyed near Brockenhurst

A second Asian Hornet nest has been destroyed in Hampshire. This one was near Brockenhurst. Read more

A Nest Destroyed & Another Confirmed Sighting of Asian Hornets

An Asian Hornet nest has been destroyed at New Alresford and another sighting of hornets has been confirmed at Brockenhurst in Hampshire Read more

Second Asian Hornet nest at Fowey in Cornwall destroyed

Defra says a second Asian Hornet nest has been found by bee inspectors at Fowey in Cornwall and destroyed. A hunt for further nests is continuing. Read more

Two more Asian Hornet incursions found in Liskeard & Hull

Two more sites where an Asian Hornet has been found and confirmed emerged today. Liskeard in Cornwall and the city of Hull in East Yorkshire. Read more

Asian Hornet nest in Fowey found & destroyed

An Asian Hornet nest has been found in Fowey in Cornwall and destroyed by bee inspectors. Read more

Asian Hornet trapped in Fowey

An Asian Hornet was found in a beekeepers monitoring trap in Fowey in Cornwall on Friday. A 1-2km surveillance zone is being monitored and beekeepers are advised to keep watching their hives for any sign of hornet activity. Read more

Use Honey first for a cough, new guidelines say

New guidelines for doctors from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) say they should tell patients to use honey first when they have a cough. This is based on 3 studies that showed honey reduces symptoms by 2 points on a 7 point scale. Read more

Hornet Nest Hunting in Jersey

Judith Norman, the first mainland beekeeper to volunteer to go and help Jersey beekeepers who were being overwhelmed by reports of Asian hornets on the island, has written a blog about it. Read more

BBKA ask Public to Plant for Pollinators on National Honeybee Awareness Day

The British Beekeepers Association ( BBKA) which represents more than 25,000 beekeepers is celebrating National Honeybee Awareness Day on August 18th by asking the public to make sure they plant for pollinators. Read more

Very successful BBKA stand at BBC Countryfile Live

The British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) stand at BBC Countryfile Live show had more than 25,000 visitors over the 4 days of the event. Read more

Beehives needed for exciting new study

The PoshBee study is looking at the exposure of honeybees to a range of chemicals and the impact it may have on their health. They are going to need 30 hives in two areas, Kent and Berkshire or Oxfordshire from next spring. Read more

Cheshire BKA wins fourth Gold Medal at RHS Tatton

Cheshire Beekeepers Association has won another gold for their planted stand at RHS Tatton taking their total to 4. Read more